Members who have a VLC Player and want subtitles for a movie. Here is how to download subtitles from your VLC Player to play with your movie. Load the movie you want to watch into your VLC Player then on the VLC “Menu” go to “View” tab, then go down to, on that tab “Download Subtitles” click on it. This will open a small window: In that small window pick your “Subtitles Language” you want VLC to look for. The movie “Title” you are watching should already be loaded if not you can add the movie name here. Next click on “Search by Name”, and then subtitles will load for you. Usually you get more than one subtitle chose from. Click your mouse cursor on the one subtitle you want to download. Next click on “Download Selection”, that is it, all done! Your subtitle is loaded onto you movie you were watching. Enjoy! TY Freeman! Cheers! : )